Travel Diary: Dominican Republic


Hola Everyone,

If you saw my previous travel post you know that I went to the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. Despite the fact that this was not my first time on the island, I made sure to explore and visit places I have never been before.

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Travel Diary: Puerto Rico

Hello everyone,

If you follow me on Instagram or snapchat, you will already know that I spent a couple of days in Puerto Rico. This trip was definitely not planned at all. I have a couple of family members who live there and wanted me to go visit them.I was already going to the Dominican Republic for a few weeks, so traveling to PR was not difficult at all. Unfortunately, I went to PR on the weekend of 4th of July. which meant that everywhere we went was pack.  We wanted to go to Culebra Island, but it was impossible for us to get tickets. Therefore, make sure you book your tickets ahead of time. Culebra Island is still on my bucket list. Continue reading “Travel Diary: Puerto Rico”