Life update

Hello beautiful souls,

I hope you guys are having a wonderful day. I know I have been MIA lately but that is because I have been working on a couple of projects. Therefore, I will be using this blog post to catch up with all of you.


I have wanted to minimize the number of things I own for such a long time. Somehow, I just never got to it. I was always super lazy and gave myself the excuse that I was too tired to get to it. This past weekend I decided that I should just get it done. As you guys may already know, I read “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing” by Marie Kondo. This book as well as Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things by The Minimalists inspired me to adopt simple lifestyle. Little did I know that simplifying your life can be quite overwhelming. This is why I will go through this process in sections. So far, I got rid of an entire bookshelf. I was able to condense everything in one box. My plan is to go back to it once I am done and continue to get rid of stuff. My next challenge is my closet so expect to see tons of clothing listed for sale on my Vinted and Poshmark closet. I will keep you guys updated on the process.

Holistic Health Coach

Those of you who know me in person know that I am very passionate about nutrition and overall well-being. It took me a couple of years and a lot of research before making the decision of enrolling in a program to become a health coach. For those of you who are not familiar with what a health coach is it is essentially someone who will guide others into becoming more active in their own overall health. Meaning that we will teach you how to make healthier choices and encourage you along the way to accomplish your wellness goals. After all of my research and talking to people in the health and wellness industry I decided to enroll in the Institute of Integrative Nutrition also known as IIN. I enrolled in their accelerated six months program. I started classes May 31, 2018. I will be graduating at the end of the year. My goal is not only to educate myself so that I can make healthier choices but to educate others along the process.

Pura Vida 

I have always liked very minimalist jewelry and accessories. On that note, I have been eyeing Pura Vida bracelets for a while now. I placed my first order not too long ago and fell in love with every piece. So in love that I became a Pura Vida Rep. If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw what I got. I am also super happy because I will be going to visit a friend in Costa Rica this year so I will definitely get to live the Pura Vida experience.

Here is my code just in case you guys want something from their website.



They recently opened a new spot by me call Brooklyn Fitboxing and I have been going twice a week. The class is a 47 minutes zero contact boxing. The class consist of boxing and kickboxing moves performed on a boxing bag combined with interval circuit training. It is actually kind of fun because you get to see your progress and get to compete with other during each class session. I am however, still struggling to make it to the gym. This is something that I want to try to incorporate during the week.

What are you guys currently working on?

Thanks for reading,



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