DIY Moisturizing Scrub


Hello Loves,

One thing that I stopped doing this year was buying scrubs. The main reason is because I have not yet found a scrub that works with my skin type. Most store-bought scrubs come with a ton of oils that make my skin breakout. Whether it is all natural oils or some other oil, it still breaks me out. I have not yet found one that does not contain oil and its good for my skin. This is one of the reasons why I decided to make my own. Today, I will be showing you my super simple recipe and why I used these ingredients.


Sugar:Sugar is a natural humectant, which means that it can draw moisture from the environment and into your skin. It is also a natural source of glycolic acid. The type of sugar you use will determine the level of exfoliation. Brown sugar is a little bit gentler than granulated sugar. I happened to have white sugar at home so that is what I ended up using. Plus I like something a little more abrasive.


Honey:As you guys may already know, honey is a natural antibacterial which is great to prevent or treat acne prone skin. Honey is also super moisturizing, which is perfect for me because I do not like to add oils to my scrub. Finally yet importantly, honey also contains antioxidant that can help aging skin.


The process:

I put both of these ingredients in a container and mix them. They are a little hard to mix without any “liquid” ingredient. I sometimes add a little tiny bit of water so that it can be easier to mix.

If you are looking for something more moisturizing you can always add or substitute the honey for coconut oil. You can even use coffee grounds instead of sugar for a completely different purpose.


I usually make my scrub with just sugar and honey, especially if I am going to use it on my face. This time, I decided to add a couple of drops of lavender oil and OMG! this smells so good. It makes me feel like I am at a spa.


This is how it looks once is done. The way that I use this scrub is by applying it to my damp skin and scrubbing in a circular motion. Since this scrub also has honey, I sometimes leave it on my face for a couple of minutes before rinsing it out. It makes my skin feel super soft. I then follow with a nice and fresh Aloe Vera mask for even more hydration.


This is the consistency of the scrub.

I personally only make enough to last me a week or two. I like to always have a “fresh” batch. I use a label maker to put the date on it like Lush does with their products.

Thanks for reading!

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