New St. Ives Sheet Mask


Hello my loves,

I don’t know about you guys, but I have been loving sheet masks lately! They are super easy to use and do not require a lot from you.  I personally love to use them at night. Today, I will be reviewing the new St. Ives Soothing Oatmeal Sheet Mask.

I am not sure if you guys have noticed that St. Ives changed their packaging as well as came out with some new products. I was super surprised when I realized that they came out with three different sheet masks. I picked the moisturizing sheet mask because my skin has been really dry lately. I was also very interested in their glowing apricot mask.

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 7.28.24 PM.png

The masks are made of 100% Cotton and are also paraben free. I found this mask at target for $2.29.

Claims according to the St. Ives website


Peace out, dehydrated skin. Inspired by Korean beauty trends, we put plenty of oatmeal extract into this 100% cotton sheet mask to give your face the instant moisture it craves—whenever it craves it—for soft, supple skin. Keep calm and soothe on!”

IMG_6074 2.jpg


I really enjoyed this mask.

I look for two things in sheet masks.

  1. Does it fit my face? This mask was perfect. I know this is a weird thing to look for, but there’s nothing more annoying than having a sheet mask that does not fit your face.
  2. Does it come with enough product? This mask did. There’s nothing worse than a dry sheet mask.

Overall, I think is worth buying.

Have any of you try any of St.Ives Sheet Mask?

Thanks for reading.


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