Physicians Formula The Healthy Foundation Review

IMG_6050Hello Everyone,

Today I will be giving a mini review on the new The Healthy Foundation SPF 20 by Physicians Formula (PF). I am not sure how many of you are familiar with their new line of products. They came out with a couple of awesome products this year such as; The Healthy Foundation, Murumuru Butter Butter Bronzer, Rosé All day Oil-Free Serum, Spotlight Illuminating Primer and more. As you can see, I decided to try their new foundation.


First thing I want to say is FINALLY!  Seriously, PF finally came up with a decent amount of shades. It was about time! This particular foundation comes in 16 different skin tones. The foundation comes in Light, Medium, Dark and Deep. Also, each skin tone comes in three undertones cool, warm and neutral. My shade is DW2 meaning Dark Warm 2.


PF did a good job with their packaging. The foundation comes in a glass bottle and it has a silver cap that is also a soft wand applicator. It looks like one of those lip-gloss applicators. I know there are some people who do not like this type of applicators because it may seem a little unsanitary. I personally do not really mind it.


The price ranges from $12.99- $14.95. The foundation also comes with a coupon or you can buy it at Bed Bath and Beyond and use one of their coupons.


Overall, I really like this foundation because it’s very lightweight and it does not look cakey. As you guys can see the coverage is about medium, but you can build up.

Thanks for reading!



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