W.E.L.L Summit 2017 Experience 

Hello tribe!

As you guys may know, I am trying to switch to a more green and healthy lifestyle. However, I believe that before any major change you must educate yourself. This weekend I had the amazing opportunity of attending the W.E.L.L Summit in NYC. I have never been to any wellness summit before and I loved every single minute of it. Not only did I leave each session with a ton of information, but I was also able to interact with some amazing human beings.

Here are the girl’s blogs:www.morningswithmashi.com and www.well-ish.com

The summit has different tickets options. I bought the all day Saturday ticket. I wanted to know what the summit was all about before making a weekend commitment.

My ticket included the following:

Cost: $199

All Day Saturday

Intimate Breakout Sessions on Saturday (Capped at Just 40 Attendees Each)

Gift bag filled with wellness goodies ($200 value)

I love the bag and everything that came inside. You will totally get your money’s worth.


Tea, Coffee and Healthy Snacks Throughout the Day

I got introduce to a couple of new brands such as Pukka Tea and Organic Leaving Superfoods.


L.I.V.E. W.E.L.L. Party on Friday with Over 30 Vendors, Healthy Snacks, Custom Cocktails & Open Bar, and tenoverten Manicure Bar

This was perhaps one of my favorite parts of the summit. I loved the fact that I got to interacted with some of my favorite brands as well as discover some new ones.

Love their Royal Ginger Hard Kombucha

During the party, I got to meet some amazing bloggers, drank some awesome Kombucha and got my nails done by tenoverten.

Their Famous Tea Time Chat After-Party

I am not sure what this was supposed to be! lol

Here is what I bought at the summit.

Not only did I get my books signed by the authors but I also got some really good discounts on products.


I totally recommend this summit to anyone who is into wellness or just getting started.

Thanks for reading!



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