Oh Autumn!

IMG_4880Hello loves!!

I know I have been a little M.I.A lately, but I haven’t felt inspired to write. I am not sure why… writer’s block? Who knows…I do however, have some content coming up about a new voxbox I got.

On a different note, I have just being trying to enjoy the non-existent fall weather and trying to get in the Fall spirit. As you guys can see from the pics below, I went apple/pumpkin picking. I also got to try some beet flavor hard cider which happens to have a beet aftertaste. I was not a huge fan of it, so I think I will keep driking my regular hard cider.


IMG_4962 I was trying to get in the fall mood…..but it was like 80 degrees that day. #isn’titsupposedtobefallweather

IMG_4936 (1)IMG_5016

Love me some sunflowers! ❤

IMG_5956IMG_4940Have you guys gone apple or pumpkin picking this year?

Thanks for reading!



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