27 Things I have learned

Hello Everyone,

In the spirit of my birthday, I decided to share with you 27 things I have learned through the years.

  1. Do not take anything personally. This is perhaps one of the most important things I have learned and practice in my daily life.
  2. Remove all negative things/people from your life. Your life will be so much better without it/them.
  3. Do not hold a grudge with anybody. It’s so not worth it.
  4. Learn from your mistakes. If you f*** up apologize and never do it again.
  5. Travel often. Explore the world.
  6. Have an open mind. See things from other people’s perspective.
  7. Do not compare yourself to others. Do you, be you.
  8. Be the best version of you. Strive for greatness.
  9. Never stop learning. I am not just talking about going to school. Learn about everything that interests you.
  10. Try something new every day. 
  11. Turn a negative into a positive.
  12. Excel in everything you do. 
  13. Be a bag of all traits. It will help you in the long run. Especially with jobs.
  14. Do everything with passion. People will notice.
  15. Get out of your comfort zone. You might find your new hobby.
  16. Routines are great but hard. Is like trying to go vegan! Is not that easy…
  17. Do not make anyone your everything. Be okay being by yourself even when in a relationship.
  18. Worry about your future, but do not have expectations. I learned to not have expectations because they can lead to disappointment.
  19. I can only listen to certain human beings for a short period of time. Not to be mean or anything, I can’t stand when people talk too much about nonsense. Is okay to be quiet for a minute or two.
  20. Do not be stupid with your money.
  21. Invest in your health.Honestly, if something is good for your physical and mental health to do it and spend the money in it. Of course, make sure you do your research.
  22. I hate waiting. My time is precious so please don’t waste it.
  23. Know your worth. If you don’t know your worth, you can’t expect others to know it.
  24. Develop your own opinion about people. Do not make assumptions about other people because of others opinion. Get to know them and make your own decisions.
  25. Living a healthy lifestyle is key. Our body is our temple. Eat right and exercise.
  26. I can get through anything. Really!
  27. Have fun. Is okay to get a little wild, once in a wild.

Thanks for reading!

One thought on “27 Things I have learned

  1. I absolutely agree with everything you said I’m only 20 and I still have a lot of learning to do which is great that you made this post so I can learn from others mistake ! Btw Happy Birthday again ❤️


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