Nail Bangle


Hello my loves,

I always get a ton of compliments every time I  wear my twisted nail bracelets. I got a gold and silver bracelet from one of my cousins about a year ago. I always wanted a rose gold bracelet and came across this very similar one, so I decided to share my find with you guys.

I found the rose gold bracelet while browsing through Haulook. The company that makes it is called Sterling Forever. The cost of it was $34.97 which is a little pricey. It does come with a lifetime guarantee. The company prides itself in making jewelry that lasts forever. They promise to replace it or repair it for free if it doesn’t.

I was not able to find the same bracelet, but here is a similar one ROSE GOLD NAIL BANGLE WITH CZ’S.


The packaging is really nice as you guys can see from the above picture.


These are the two that were given to me.

I usually wear them in the same hand as my watch.




As you can see they are all different.


I personally like the closure of the ones my cousin gave me. I believe they are more secure. As you can see, the gold closes by going inside the flat top of the nail, while the rose gold closes on the side.


Overall, it is a great quality piece of jewelry.

That’s all for this blog post.

Thank you so much for reading!



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