Recap: Last Week

IMG_3447Hello everyone,

I hope you guys had an amazing weekend and a great start on this week. I have been trying to be more consistent on my blog, but I did not do so well last week. This is why I decided to catch you up to speed. So, I finally got to try the Body Shop foundation that I showed you guys on one of my latest post.  The color matches my skin tone very well, the only downside that I see for this foundation is that it makes my skin look oily. I am going to try to use a setting powder after and see how that goes. So, if you like matte finishes this is not the right foundation for you. Something I really like is that it reminds me of the urban decay naked foundation when it comes to how light it feels as well as consistency. I also like that it has a pump and I don’t waste product.


As you guys can see the coverage is also pretty light.

Last week I also got the chance to go to Bed Bath and Beyond, which means I get to look around their beauty section.  I found some new products which I am super excited to try. *As shown in the first picture!

As you guys can see I got some of the new Garnier SkinActive Moisture Sheet masks. I only got two, but I was able to find four of them.


I got the glow-boosting and the hydrating mask.

Each mask was around $2.99.

I also finally got a chance to clean all my makeup brushes. Side note: I used face cleansers that do not work for me as makeup brush face cleaners. ❤ Do not worry! I make sure there’s no product residue left on the brushes.


Last but not least, I have been loving this nail color from L.A. Colors.  I got it as part of a bachelorette party and decided to keep it. I am pretty impressed with the color payoff of this $1 nail polish. It sucks that it’s full of chemicals. 😦


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