Sunday Brunch and a little more

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Hello beauties,

I don’t know about you guys, but I love going to brunch. Seriously, there’s no better way to spend time with friends and catch up.  For the past couple of Sundays, I have been trying new places in the city (NYC). My friend currently lives upstate and came down to visit her family in the city.  She gave me a list of a couple of places to have brunch at and we decided on Cafe Mogador. They have two locations one in East Village and one in Williamsburg. We went to the one in East Village, my plan is to go back to the one in Williamsburg later on.

IMG_3218If you follow me on Instagram you know everything that I did today. The brunch menu is really nice, but if you are looking for unlimited mimosas this is not your brunch special. I do love the fact that they give you fresh orange juice and you can actually choose any of the specialty coffees. I got a lovely latte and ordered the Egg Norwegian (well done).

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After brunch, we went to a couple of stores like Muji (I got two pens lol and my friend got some acrylic drawers that were on sale), E.L.F store, The Body Shop and Sephora. After walking around we decided to go The World Trade Center, and I honestly had no clue that they had a mall. I found it a little odd. While there, we got Starbucks and then spent some time at my friend’s house. This allowed us to make room for the one and only Bibble & Sip. The only place where you can BS all you want <3.


Their to-go box is the cutest and let’s not talk about their pannacotta containers. I got the matcha pannacotta and it was amazing, plus you get to keep the bottle.


I also got to try their green tea and black tea puff. This is coffee’s best friend. Must try!

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That’s all for today!

Let me know if you guys know other places I should visit.





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