OOTD Wedding outfit!

IMG_3082Hello everyone,

One of my friends got married this weekend and this is the outfit I ended up wearing. I found this skirt on sale at New York & Company.  I rarely go to NY&C, but my mom likes to go there. The skirt is from the Eva Mendes Collection. Is called the Emma Lace Pencil Skirt. I also went on their website and found a ton of super cute clothing.




My top is actually from Rainbow.


I always get a ton of questions about where I got this shoes and believe it or not I got them from Target. I got them last year and they do not have the link on the website anymore. I will put a link to similar ones.


I found this purse at TJMaxx.


My watch is the same as my previous OOTD post. I got this awesome ring at H&M and the bracelets were gifted to me.

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 10.26.59 PM.png



Thanks to Jennifer for taking the pictures….

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