OOTD Dumbo, Brooklyn

Oh, Dumbo!
Dumbo Brooklyn is perhaps one of my favorite places. I love being by the water and the colorful walls that you will find around the “city”. For those of you who do not know DUMBO means “Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass”. It is also known for the scenery in the picture above.

One of my favorite places to visit while there is One Girl Cookie. This is of course if you want something other than Starbucks, which also happens to be in the same block.


One girl cookie is a little bit more expensive, but the vibe and their cakes are really good.

If you know me in person you probably know that I am super casual, especially when it comes to spending a day in the city.  As you guys can see from the picture below, I am wearing a simple, but yet fun plain T and some boyfriend jeans.

I got this Shirt from H&M, tried to look for the link for you guys but I wasn’t able to find it and I just got it like two days ago.


I got this sunglass from H&M last week, but I couldn’t find them online.

Boyfriend Jeans

Michael Kors Slim Runway Blue 

Rings are from Charlotte Russe

One of the things that attracted me to this plain T was the sleeves.

Here is a picture of my complete outfit!

Much love,

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