How I Saved Money On College books


Hello everyone,

Here are some tips that helped me save a couple of $$$ on college books.

The bookstore should be your last stop: I used to make a list and compared prices between different web sites and bookstores (Amazon, Ebay, local used books or rental places). This made it so much easier for me to choose the cheaper option.

Ask your professor: Do not worry if you get to class and you still do not have the book. It does not hurt to ask your professor if he/she has an extra book or if they know of anyone who is selling the book. Sometimes previous students let their professor know that they are selling their books. You can also email your professor before the semester starts.

Here are some key questions you must ask:

  • Is it okay if I get the previous book edition? Sometimes you can get away with the previous edition. The only differences I have noticed between the new and the “old” is that the page numbers are not the same, and they also sometimes add some other pointless stuff. 
  • Is the book on reversed at the library? OMG! I cannot tell you how many times after I got the book the professor was like ” also you can find the book at the library”. Like really?  Some professor will tell you and others won’t. So make sure to pay a visit to the library and ask if they have it. 

Resell your books:  Do not wait too long to resell your books. Some professors tend to change their books every time there is a  new edition. Also, try selling your book to friends or classmates; they will pay you more than the bookstore.

Make friends: Once you make friends life becomes so much easier. Make sure to always ask your friends if they have taken the same class you are planning on taking. Some of my books I got from/or traded with friends. They will also sell it to you hopefully at a much better price (they know the struggle).

Know the return policies: Make sure to stop and read the return policies before ordering or buying a book. You do not want to buy a book and then go to your first day of class and be like “am so not taking this class” and end up stuck with the book.

Also, sometimes is better to rent than to buy. Just make sure that you do your research.

I hope you guys found some of these tips helpful!

Best of luck , 



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